Miroir embroiderers are in charge of producing unique high-end collections in Madagascar.

Their embroidery, executed on high quality material – linen, cotton and silk – and made using stranded cotton threads from DMC, brings an invaluable touch of refinement to table, bed, bath or kitchen linen and enlivens children articles.


Experts in the embroidery technique called “needle painting“, they can embroider refined designs, in a subtle and delicate colour range, from a vast catalogue of references (flowers, fruits, animals, sea, mountain, geometrical patterns), in either a traditional or contemporary style.

They use all kinds of embroidery stitches: stem stitch, straight stitch, satin stitch, chain stitch, Richelieu patterns, …

They employ the traditional prick and pounce transfer technique where the design is transferred using a specific perforated tracing paper on which a pounce powder is applied. The tracing paper models have been carefully kept for more than ten years, ready to be used again in new creations.


We can create upon request bespoke works. Whether you would like to match your tablecloth to your china, to embroider a monogram, a name, a coat of arms, to own certain items in a specific colour, fabric or size, your only limit is your imagination. Do not hesitate to contact us to order a precious and one-of-a-kind piece.

Many businesses entrusted us with the creation of unique and quality business gifts. Thanks to their order and the work provided to the workshop, these companies have the additional satisfaction of supporting the Miroir embroiderers, thus ensuring the sustainability of a great project.

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